At PetFitness, our goal is to boost the fitness and health of dogs. Our focus groups and surveys have shown that dog owners value their pets' longevity and behavior improvement. We base our approach on key studies:

Enhanced Lifespan: According to the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, regular exercise and maintaining an ideal body weight can extend a dog's life by about 1.8 years, compared to overweight dogs.

‍Lower Mortality Risk: Research in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine indicates a 24% decrease in mortality for dogs with consistent physical activity.

Behavioral Improvement: The American Kennel Club and related studies suggest that sufficient exercise can reduce destructive behaviors in dogs by 50%.‍

Dogs have similar muscle types to humans: smooth muscles in internal organs, skeletal muscles for movement, and cardiac muscles for heart function. This similarity implies that dogs could benefit from varied exercises, including those focusing on strength and cardiovascular health.‍

PetFitness's program concentrates on strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility — essential for a dog’s fitness. To complement this, we also include mental exercises, recognizing their importance in a dog's overall well-being and performance.

A holistic exercise program connects all of a dog's bodily systems, leading to improved performance, reduced injury risk, and better quality of life. The exercise amount is tailored to each dog's specific needs, ensuring the right balance between physical activity and rest.‍

This approach aligns our exercises with the findings of the mentioned studies, underscoring our commitment to providing appropriate and beneficial exercise regimens for dogs.